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Thailand's First FDA-Approved Cannabis Cookies

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Treats You Can Trust

Organic cannabis leaves sourced from Maejo University and other trusted sources paired with precise dosing to ensure up to 1.6mg of THC in each Baked bite. Scan the QR code above to contact us directly and find your perfect dose with Baked.

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Tasty artisanal treats that keep you coming back for more. Get Baked to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Made by hand using real ingredients. Get Baked to enjoy our real cannabis butter infusions.

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Dried cannabis leaves from Maejo University and other trusted sources ensure Baked's high standards.

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Experience THC Edibles in Thailand


Baked was founded in 2022 to create premium cannabis edibles คุกกี้กัญชา that give new consumers a gentle way to experience THC edibles in Thailand and experienced indulgers a tasty full-spectrum microdose of THC to euphorically elevate. Baked now produces the first (and currently, only) legal THC edible in Thailand.

The popularity of Baked has grown with natural, high-quality ingredients. Organic cannabis leaves sourced from Maejo University and real butter infusions ensure premium quality and yummy flavors in every Baked bite.

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Our sweet treats will give you another reason to smile in The Land of Smiles. Baked THC cookies are available in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and other cities throughout Thailand.

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