Wondering how to dose edibles? You’ve come to the right place!

Edibles are a popular way to consume cannabis and for good reason. Unlike smoking, edibles don’t produce any harsh smoke or require the use of any special equipment.

Plus, they can be made in a variety of delicious flavors and forms, making them a fun and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

However, dosing edibles can be a bit tricky. Because they take longer to kick in and produce more potent effects than smoking, it’s important to know how to properly dose your edibles to avoid any unwanted effects.

In this post, we’re covering some tips to help you dose edibles safely and effectively. Keep reading to learn more about edibles dosing with Baked now.

How to Dose Edibles

Start Low and Go Slow

The most important rule when it comes to dosing edibles is to start low and go slow. Edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to take effect, so it’s important to be patient and not take more until you know how the first dose is affecting you.

A good starting dose for beginners is 5-10mg of THC, which is the active ingredient in cannabis that produces the “high” feeling. From there, you can gradually increase your dose by 5-10mg at a time until you find your desired level of effects.

However, if you’re in Thailand, we recommend trying our microdose cookies. Our cookies are Thailand’s first FDA-approved edible and contain up to 1.6mg of THC, giving you complete control over your experience.

Consider Your Tolerance

Your tolerance to cannabis can also affect how you should dose your edibles. If you’re a frequent cannabis user, you may need a higher dose to feel the effects. On the other hand, if you’re new to cannabis or haven’t used it in a while, a lower dose may be more appropriate. It’s important to take your tolerance into account when dosing your edibles to ensure you don’t accidentally take too much.

Know Your Edibles

Different types of edibles can have different potencies, so it’s important to know what you’re consuming. For example, a small piece of a high-potency cannabis-infused chocolate bar may contain more THC than an entire low-potency cookie. Be sure to read the label and do your research before consuming any edibles to know what you’re getting into. It’s also a good idea to start with lower-potency edibles if you’re new to cannabis or have a lower tolerance.

Wait Before Taking More

As mentioned earlier, edibles can take a while to take effect, so it’s important to wait before taking more. It can be tempting to take another dose if you don’t feel anything after 30 minutes or so, but it’s important to be patient. If you take too much too soon, you may experience unwanted effects such as anxiety or paranoia. Instead, wait at least 2 hours before taking more to ensure you’re not accidentally taking too much.

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal can be a helpful tool for dosing edibles. Write down the dose you took, the type of edible you consumed, and any effects you experienced. This can help you track your tolerance and find the right dose for you. It can also help you identify any patterns in your consumption and identify any edibles that may not agree with you.

Be Mindful of Other Medications

If you’re taking other medications, it’s important to be mindful of how they may interact with cannabis. Some medications, such as blood thinners or anti-anxiety medications, may interact with cannabis and produce unwanted effects. Be sure to talk to your doctor before consuming cannabis if you’re taking any medications.

Store Your Edibles Safely

And let’s not forget, it’s important to store your edibles safely. Keep them out of reach of children and pets, and make sure they’re clearly labeled so no one accidentally consumes them. It’s also important to store your edibles in a cool, dry place to prevent them from spoiling or losing potency.

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