Sour Patch edibles bags are now being commonly sold throughout Thailand. But should you trust them?

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Honestly, Sour Patch edibles bags are quite easy to obtain. These fake branded bags are widely available online, and most of them originate from China.

Keep reading to learn more about Sour Patch edibles bags, whether they can be trusted, and more.

Sour Patch Edibles Bags 500mg: Legit or Phony?

So, are Sour Patch edibles bags 500mg, or are they a scam? Ultimately, it is hard to say for sure. However, we would advise caution before purchasing these edibles bags.

The biggest concern with Sour Patch edibles bags is that they are not an official product. There is no company behind them, and no one knows for sure what is inside the bag.

Basically, the idea behind these bags is that since it’s a brand name, consumers should be able to trust it. However, since these branded bags are readily available, anyone can be producing the edibles at any potency.

Another thing to consider is that the dosage on these Sour Patch edibles bags is not always accurate. In fact, it is often overstated, so you may not be getting the full 500mg that you’re expecting.

Stoney Patch Edibles: Real or Fake?

There are no real Stoner Patch edibles. So, while they might be real edibles, the brand is not.

These bags are likely produced in the same way as Sour Patch edibles bags. In other words, the packaging is definitely coming from China, and they’re not an official product.

Therefore, we would advise caution before purchasing Stoney Patch edibles. The same concerns apply as with Sour Patch edibles bags – you don’t know what’s inside, the dosage is often inaccurate, and there’s no company behind the product.

Are Sour Patch Edibles 600mg or Less?

If you’ve stumbled across Sour Patch Edibles 600mg, you’re probably wondering if they’re legit. These might be 600mg; however, this is more likely the result of an incorrect dosage than a real 600mg product. Most people creating these edibles aren’t legitimate edibles producers, meaning there’s no telling what dose you’re getting with each gummy.

Like we said before, the dosages on these edibles are often inaccurate. So, while it’s possible that Sour Patch Edibles 600mg exists, it’s more likely that they’re actually less than 600mg.

If you do come across these edibles, we recommend exercising caution before purchasing. Unless, of course, it’s a trusted friend who just happened to buy the Sour Patch edibles bags online and is weighing each infusion.

How to Make Your Own Stoner Patch Gummies

Making your own Stoner Patch gummies is easier than you might think. In fact, all you need are some gummy bears, weed, and a few simple ingredients to make your own edibles.

To get started, purchase some distillate. Keep in mind, distillate is still prohibited in Thailand. Then, melt down some Sour Patch gummies, weigh and add your distillate, and put it in mold.

However, if you want to make your own Stoner Patch gummies from scratch, the best way is to find a recipe online. Stoner Patch Kids THC gummies contain cannabis distillate THC oil, white grape from concentrate gelatin, corn syrup, citrus syrup, sorbitol, and natural artificial flavors. Basically, you’ll simply find one of these recipes online, try it out, and if it works, you’ll have your own Stoner Patch gummies. Just remember, each gram of distillate has 1,000mg of THC, meaning if you’re making a batch of 30mg gummies, you’ll want to add .6 gram to make twenty 30mg gummies for a total of 600mg.

Sour Patch Edibles Bags FAQ

How much is a bag of Sour Patch edibles?

Sour Patch edibles range in price. Some sell these for $60, others for $120+. Ultimately, it depends on who you’re purchasing the Sour Patch edibles from, how they’re made, potency, etc. etc.

Is there Sour Patch edibles?

Sour Patch edibles exist; however, Sour Patch doesn’t actually make cannabis infused treats. Sour Patch edibles bags are knock-off bags from China that are commonly used by street level edibles producers for trust purposes.

Do Stoney Patch get you high?

Stoney Patch edibles will get you high if they contain THC. However, since these edibles are commonly made without any checks and balances, it’s tough to say whether or not the Stoney Patch edibles you bought will actually get you high.

How many edibles are in Sour Patch?

Each Sour Patch edibles bag holds 10 chewy, sour edibles. These are typically 5mg of THC each, giving you a total of 50mg of THC per bag. However, sometimes, these edibles will be sold with a higher potency. It’s crucial to know exactly what you’re eating before you indulge, so make sure you’re getting your edibles from a reliable source.

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